daisy powerline 5501 won't shoot

$9.84 - $19.50 GLOCK 19 Gen3 .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol. CO2 Supplies; Optics; Safety Equipment; Targets; Support. This does not work every time, but it works often enough to give it a try. Brand New. $61.51. A Daisy Spring-Air BB Rifle shoots 4.5mm BBs that are fired by cocking the rifle with a lever and feeding the BBs into position by raising the muzzle and pouring the BBs into it. We took the pistol to my basement range to shoot it. Customer Reviews for Daisy Powerline 5501 Average Customer Review 4.5 (40 reviews) 5 star. All rights reserved. Pistols Archives - Daisy daisy powerline model 93 693 semi automatic co2 pistol gun owners manual £9.99 - £14.99 DAISY POWERLINE MODEL 340 CC REPEATER PISTOL GUN OWNERS MANUAL DAISY AIR RIFLE GUN INSTANT DOWNLOADS - … The Daisy 415 air pistol is great for target practice, pest control like mice, birds or squirrels and self defense. If you have a new shooter or know someone who needs to learn the basics of gun handling- consider using this CO2 BB gun as part of the education process.Daisy. (4.5 mm) BB more My.girlfriend gave me a 5501 for Christmas. or Best Offer. $8.49. You should be able to depress the trigger with very little pressure from your index finger. Hold the rifle straight with a slight elevation to the muzzle for best results. However, these air guns will occasionally need servicing. The Daisy Powerline 415 pistol will deliver hours of fun family shooting time- as just about everyone can shoot it. (function() {
Call our Customer Service Department at (479) 636-1200. Your gun comes with a gnomon – the peg that fits into the hole on the stock. Load the 15-shot clip, drop in a 12-gram CO2 cylinder and send that ammo downrange. 4 star.