Young. Relentless. Designer. Photographer. Tech geek. Science freak. Music lover. Challenge seeker.

I am not Chase Jarvis. I am not Stefan Sagmeister. But I am a very unique person, Koushik Gopal C, waking up everyday in the most beautiful and culturally diverse country in the world, India. My uniqueness extends to the way I think, apply and deliver concepts through my design and photography work. I like simple and minimalistic design that not only looks good but also works the way it should. You will see this style in both my design and photography portfolio.
I treat my photography as an extension of myself helping to express my views when words fail. My photography and design skills go hand in hand for me to create and showcase my work. I often find inspiration for designs through my photography. I dig challenging tasks. It helps me build confidence that I can make it work.
Science is my education, being creative is my profession. I have headphones with me all the time and my inner geek pops out for all things tech.